Our vision is to become the leading regenerative farm hub that supports a resilient local food system, that solves place-based environmental and social issues, through community collaborations and shared platforms in the contemporary Indonesian food scape. We are committed to achieving progress towards United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals no.12.

Our Mission:

1. Supply safe, transparent, nutritious, sustainable food for the local community. Consumers get to enjoy organically grown, fresh local crops that in the past, rarely match the quality of imports, but now requiring less fossil fuels and grown sustainably.
2. To create an online and offline platform for direct connection and access between each agency of food, between; nature, rural farmers, food academias, and the end consumers.
3. Establishing a cooperative (Co-Op) based on community. Knowledge training, tools, marketplace, can be shared by many instead of being privatized. We are committed to create more opportunities for local farmers to transition from conventional to regenerative practices securely and increase job opportunities for the locals to be part of the restorative food system.
4. Optimization of farm processing center or called the farm kitchen’s “food hub”, to solve food waste and loss issue by increasing the value gains of extra harvest or products unfit for fresh sales by processing them in their peak quality, using the practice preservation techniques such as freezing, fermenting, curing, drying, collectively.
5. Establishment of shared farm administration and management which optimizes the production of smallholder Indonesian farmers that in majority live under poverty and unable to afford growing organically.
6. Environmental restoration and conservation through sustainable food production and consumption for the future generation.