In solving unsustainable food systems, cooperation is key. We optimise and share resources of tools, facilities and knowledge between our team of young agricultural experts, mentors, food handlers, and smallholder farmers, building a long term supportive relationship to grow regeneratively and aim towards UN Sustainable Development Goals No 12.

1. Audria Evelinn, Founder & Director
Audria is striving to improve Indonesia’s local food system by reconciling the connection between nature, farmers and consumers. Her work involves empowering community- based agriculture programs and enacting hands-on education programs for farmers and communities. She has a B.A. from Seattle University in Urban Sustainability, nominated as a grassroot leader in Women’s Earth Alliance Accelerator, and participated in Young Farmer’s Conference 2019 at Stone Barns Center, NY. In addition to working towards a more cohesive local food system in Indonesia, she had previously built experience working in different sectors of the food system abroad and locally. She sees food as not only a source of nourishment and medicine, but also a powerful vote for a change that we want to see in the world.

2. Erika Tinambunan, Farm Manager
Originally from Balige, North Sumatra, Erika graduated with a Bachelor degree in Agrotechnology from Brawijaya University. She is committed to restoring soil fertility, in order to increase farmer’s yield and productivity. She sees plants as unique beings, with different characters and attractions, requiring distinctive attention. Plants are magical, they can give strength, healing, and happiness. She said, “Life is an opportunity and struggle. The opportunity to enjoy what is given by God and try your best in your everyday’s challenges at work”.

3. Fadhil Ahmad, Farm Technician
Graduated with a Bachelor of Agrotechnology degree from Muhammadiyah University, Yogyakarta, Fadhil gives hand’s on technical support to partnering farmers. With his passion for the outdoors and years of experience in both conventional and organic farming, Fadhil aims to help farmers’ to transition to regenerative practices smoothly.

4. Amos Empati, Farm Chef
Committed in making culinary creations for the farm’s kitchen “food hub”, experimenting with flavorful ingredients and preservation techniques has always been Amos’ passion. Having ten years of experience in the food industry, he has gone as far as Colorado, USA to learn about the culinary world and the international food industry. Amos good humour always brings laughter and joy to anyone who comes to visit him in the kitchen

5. Ni Made Rai Utari, Admin & Logistics
Majored in Accounting, from Universitas Pendidikan Nasional Denpasar, she handles the farm administration and orders. Her kind smile, affinity for flowers, and witty personality brings warmness to our team and also to our loyal clients.

6. Bu Yuli & Bu Tike, Nursery & Packing
Coming from farming families, the duo are the soul and music of our greenhouse. Bu Tike, an elder in our village, is passionate in Balinese performing arts, her touch and love for living beings are like melodies that are expressed in each seedling’s life that she nurtures in the nursery. On the other spectrum, Bu Yuli, the wonder woman, is passionate about all departments, starting from packing and maintaining the greenhouse bamboo roof, whenever you meet her, you will be greeted with a big friendly smile, and you will hear the beating drums of her tools!

7. Wishnu Dewahjana, as one of our Mentors
His contribution in the agricultural field in Indonesia came from long years of experience domestically as well as internationally. With twenty eight years of experience in both conventional and sustainable horticulture industry, his training has gone as far as Taiwan, Holland, Japan, and Israel. Graduated from State University of Jenderal Soedirman in Soil Sciences, Pak Wishnu gives mentorship and training support for organic farmers nationwide.