Bamboo Greenhouse

Our bamboo house was built in 2018 with a vision to create a sustainable local food system. Located on the edge of the Tabanan river, Bali, our bamboo house is an office, nursery, lab, food shaft, and training and education center.


We work in small teams with our agricultural partners to create sustainable solutions for their gardens that have a variety of characters. Through collaboration that allows each party to open up to each other, our main garden provides infrastructure to help farmers optimize production processes, land regeneration, and the application of environmental conservation that is adapted according to their family heritage methods.

With the location, social background, and wisdom of diverse family farming, our farmers share knowledge with us. Their wisdom is combined with the latest technology that allows us to learn from each other about local wealth and how we can optimize each other, while preserving this valuable heritage. Collaboration with our farmers is an invaluable resource. This bond is part of our commitment to build a food security system that provides warmth and goodness for now and beyond.

Operating sites

1. Bedugul

2. Candikuning
3. Penebel, Batu Karu
4. LSF headquarter greenhouse, Nyanyi , Tabanan
5. Klecung Village
6. North Bali
More to come!