1. Fresh produce is graded and hand harvested one day before delivery. All grown with green manures, worm castings, healing soil, and compost at our farms and partner farmers, with a standard procedure. Pest Management methods we use includes; probiotics, soil ferments, essential oils and minerals.
  2. Leafy greens, roots, vegetables and herbs are pre washed. The third stage of wash uses Ozone (Oxygen3 / O3) technology to add the last touch of clean
  3. Fruits are following seasons and sourced from agroforestry partners. Harvests are waited until the fruits ripen in the tree and developed complete natural sugars
  4. Noble grains, pulses and beans are grown by farmers as project partners to restore bigger plot of farming lands (for example: Klecung Village Tabanan)
  5. Allergy Precautions: kitchen products are FREE from Gluten, Nuts, Tree Nuts, Palm Oil, Refined Sugar, Dairy, GMO, Animal Products
  6. Other ingredients: we source sustainably and mindfully, only taking samples from direct growers or community based, small businesses that our farm team has evaluated to have a social impact and environmental values to begin a long term partnership with
  7. Food Safety: we sterilize all tools, packaging, facility, and all utensils after each use. Cleanliness, experienced staff, and standard cleanliness operating procedure are priorities.