We work closely with our farming partners to find sustainable solutions for their farms, which are located in varying altitudes and strategic logistic routes. Through collaboration, knowledge sharing and ongoing support, our head farm provides the infrastructure to help farmers optimize production processes, land regeneration, and the implementation of environmental conservation into their farming models.

All of our farmers come from diverse backgrounds and each of us enjoy learning from each other, exchang-ing knowledge on the current technologies, experiences on the field, and in return the invaluable local wisdom in traditional farming practices, knowledge on unique native crops, which were taught by their elders, but almost forgotten.

Our partnerships are invaluable resources, it is a long term commitment that creates a possibility to build a resilient food system to come true for this generation and the future. Learn more about our farms and partnership.


Little Spoon Penebel Farm

Penebel garden is a little spoon partner located in Penebel, Tabanan. The plants found in Penebel’s garden are seasonal tropical fruits and several types of rice such as brown rice and black rice.


Little Spoon Bedugul Farm

Bedugul farm as a Little Spoon partner is located in the Bedugul area. The condition of the Bedugul garden is very supportive for growing vegetables as the best product so that the vegetables obtained are fresh vegetables.


Little Spoon Klecung Farm

Klecung farm as a farmer partner of Little Spoon is located in Klecung, Tabanan. Klecung farm has a garden for growing nuts and some tropical fruit. In addition, Klecung Farm also provides happy eggs from happy Balinese chicken.


Little Spoon Nyanyi Farm

Little spoon farm is located at Pantai Nyanyi Tabanan as the head office. There is a kitchen for producing little spoon products such as probiotics, ferments etc. other than that, there are also nurseries and a greenhouse for nurseries and planting vegetables.